lingual arch

lingual arch
n. (Dentistry) orthodontic wire fastened from molar to molar in the inside of a person's teeth

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • Lingual arch — A lingual arch is an orthodontic device which connects two molars in the upper or lower dental arch. The lower lingual arch (LLA) has an archwire adapted to the lingual side of the lower teeth. In the upper arch the archwire is usually connecting …   Wikipedia

  • lingual arch — a wire appliance made to conform to the lingual aspect of the dental arch; used to promote or to prevent movement of the teeth in orthodontic therapy. Lingual arch used to maintain space for premolars after premature loss of the primary molars …   Medical dictionary

  • fixed lingual arch — a space retaining appliance consisting of an arch wire designed to fit the lingual surface of the teeth, and soldered to metal crowns or orthodontic bands. Called also stationary lingual a …   Medical dictionary

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  • lingual occlusion — malocclusion in which the tooth is lingual to the line of the normal dental arch. Called also linguoclusion …   Medical dictionary

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